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goStallions offers breeders a selection of four sires: Monkey Bones and The Pres for your trotting mares,
plus third-season sire Prodigal Seelster and Raging Bull for your pacing matrons.
All our stallions are standing at Noel & Wendy Kennard's property in Canterbury during 2016/17.

$2000 + GST*
*frozen semen only

Monkey Bones

Monkey Bones was put down in early 2015, but we were able to collect and freeze a limited amount of his semen during his final season at stud. At a reduced fee, this is available on a 'first in, first served' basis - because once it's gone, it's gone forever. We encourage you to breed to Monkey Bones this year instead of next, because there might not be any left.

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$2000 + GST*
*or 2 for $3000 + GST

The Pres

The Pres has sired 2-year-old winners in New Zealand, Australia and America - a feat that very few other trotting stallions achieve during their careers, and his has only just begun. His oldest Australasian progeny turned five in the 2016/17 Season, and he's already left two Group 1 winners across the Tasman. With 14 individual winners in NZ during 2015/16, he's really starting to hit his straps.

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$3250 + GST*
*or pay nothing up front

Prodigal Seelster

Prodigal Seelster is one of two pacing sires in our line-up but demands attention being by Camluck, the greatest money-winning stallion in U.S. history. With NZ progeny only, his oldest are yearlings in 2016/17 and are getting rave reviews. You can breed to him for nothing as well, only needing to pay for your service fee if and when the resulting progeny qualifies.

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$1500 + GST*
*discounts available

The Pres

Raging Bull is a new addition to the goStallions ranks in 2016/17. He's a son of the great Christian Cullen and looked a lot like him on the racetrack, plus he boasts a superb American maternal family as well. Raging Bull's oldest progeny are a small crop of now 2-year-olds, and there's enough 'talk' to suggest he's going to make it as a sire.

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For bookings or further information,
contact Johnny Robinson on
(03) 347-9699 or 021 883-713
Email: john@goharness.co.nz

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